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9 Fun Online Escape Rooms That Will Challenge Your Brain (2024)

Online escape room

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Do you enjoy online escape room and puzzle game? If so, you’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we will be introducing 10 fun online escape rooms that will challenge your brain. These puzzles are a great chance for bonding and can really help improve your problem-solving skills. So, if you’re looking for a new amazing online challenge, be sure to check out the escape rooms listed below!

Virtual Escape Room

Online escape room

Virtual Escape Room game from FunEmpire is specifically designed to stimulate the most vivid experience for participants with series of mysteries to be brought to light. During the session, you and your teams, who could be either your friends, colleagues, or family members, need to collaborate with each other to unravel all the hints and successfully accomplish the escape mission.

The game can host from small groups of 2 pax to up to unlimited players, right from the comfort of your home or office or anywhere else. Let’s team up and deceive the puzzle of escape room now!

Virtual Squid Escape Game

Online escape room

Virtual Squid Escape Game is a room escape game organised by FunEmpire that will require all your logic and puzzle-solving skills with the thrilling theme inspired by the famous award-winning movie Squid Game. Your team are in the midst of witnessing all the cruel, inhumane acts of the organisers and together you determine to escape from the game space. Can you and your team solve all those complex puzzles and find your way out? Try now!

Super Planet Escape

Online escape room

Super Planet Escape is an online escape game created by FunEmpire that will test your logic, problem-solving skills and teamwork. After mother planet Earth has been destroyed, you and your team are now citizens on different planets. Life goes on until someone revealed to you your hidden powers. As you begin to explore it, you realize the powers your team put together can help restore planet Earth. Are you ready to conquer the mission? This game is suitable for children as well.

Virtual Time Travel Escape

Online escape room

With the vibe of a super cool sci-fi movie, you can enjoy the experience of travelling back in time and resolve puzzles from different eras of history. The game is definitely a great entertaining activity while allowing you and your team to boost your team spirit. Try this for your next bonding session and bring home the best memories ever!

Return of The Queen

Online escape room

You are the Queen of a Kingdom who has the duty of saving thousands of lives after the curse and the haunting whispers kept echoing in your dreams. What does your past life have to do with this matter? How can you right the wrong and save the kingdom from cruel? Let’s immerse in FunEmpire’s Return of The Queen online escape room to solve this puzzle yourself!

Time’s Ticking

Online escape room

Introducing to you a brand new online escape room game from FunEmpire: Time’s Ticking. Have you ever imagined yourself being Sherlock Holmes, unravel the mysteries of the criminals and trace their path? If yes, you will not have to imagine anymore because in this game, you will be those talented detectives who must solve all the sophisticated puzzles and save the city from blowing up.

Ben’s Big Heist

Online escape room

From being a hero to a planet or a city to role-playing a villain in movies, FunEmpire has all these types of online escape room for you to try. In Ben’s Big Heist, you and your friend are trying to break into a bank and grab as much gold as you can. With just a blueprint of the bank given some notes on it, in such a limited time, can you and your team crack the vault, steal the gold and escape before the police arrives?

Jack’s Hangover

Online escape room

Jack woke up in a hotel room with a horrible headache and totally lost his memory about what had happened last night. As his friends, your team are willing to help him search through different places, from hotel room to the casino, to figure out what happened. Enjoy the puzzling online escape room Jack’s Hangover from FunEmpire but hurry up, Jack’s flight is leaving the city in minutes!

Curse of The Werewolf

Online escape room

You are the descendants of the village heads. Your ultimate goal is to visit a small ancient village and lift the curse. Watch out! The eyes of the werewolves hiding in the dark are lighting up, hunting the villagers after nightfall. With only 90 minutes before the next villager is harmed, can you and your team resolve the mystery and save these innocent lives?

Online escape room games

Online escape room are not only entertaining but also a great way to challenge your brain. With different themes and interesting storylines, these online escape room games from FunEmpire will keep you on the edge of your seat. What are you waiting for? Try one now!

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