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25 Fun & Creative Team Building Singapore Workshops

Creative Team Building Workshops in Singapore

Best Creative Team Bonding Workshops in Singapore

Are you looking for something to do during your free time or even bond with your friends, colleagues or families? Why not try the best workshops in Singapore during weekends? We have gathered a list of 25 Fun & Creative Team Building Singapore Workshops just for you!

Singapore might be a relatively tiny island, but there are lots of team building activities to do! Before we take a look at the list of fun workshops, let’s check out some interesting team building games that The Fun Empire offers.

1. Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Do you want to create your own tiny garden from home while bonding with your friends or coworkers?

The Fun Empire has launched their award-winning and highly popular terrarium workshop online! The Virtual Terrarium Workshop is a great team building activity that you can experience and is ideal for remote and home-based teams.

You don’t have to worry about travelling to get the materials by yourself as the Terrarium Home Kits will be delivered to you! Fully supervised by certified trainers, the workshop walks participants through the theory and practical aspects of creating your own terrarium. You will also receive a lovely figurine to round off the design!

2. Virtual Art Jamming

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Feeling like Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh? Try out Virtual Art Jamming from the comfort of your own home!

This pastime is excellent for everyone because it is pleasant, calming, and gratifying. Unleash your imagination and create a work of art that may be shown at home or at the office!

All materials including acrylic paints, canvas or tote bags, pencils, erasers will be provided provided. You can also choose a canvas or a tote bag as your favourite medium and start painting! Professional facilitators from The Fun Empire will go through the fundamental colour mixing theory and provide assistance during the virtual session. On request, there will also be a debriefing and storytelling component at the end of the program!

A great way to relieve stress and bond as a group at the same time, Virtual Art Jamming is a perfect choice for team building in Singapore!

3. Virtual Leather Workshop

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Learn how to produce your own leather products from the comfort of your own home!

The Fun Empire’s popular Leather Crafting Program is now available online. Leather Making Home Kits will be sent to the addresses of all participants prior to the start of the virtual team building event.

You will be able to discover new theories about different sorts of leather, how to care for leather, and how to make your own items! Not sure what to make? Don’t worry, there will be facilitators to guide you through the session and you will get to produce two masterpieces, such as a key fob and a coin pouch, for an extraordinarily low cost!

So if you’re looking for something fun and creative, this will definitely be an enjoyable and fruitful virtual team building workshop!

4. Virtual Clay Workshop

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Looking for a unique gift for your loved ones or to strengthen relationships with your colleagues? Why not work together and make your own with The Fun Empire’s Virtual Clay Making Workshop!

You will get to learn how to make your very own clay figurine, charms or key chain and create an interesting storyline with your colleagues, friends or families! Suitable for both adults and kids, the activity is toxic-free and uses only high quality air dry clay! Basic concepts such as colour mixing, basic shapes and important tips in handling and moulding clay will be taught.

The possibilities are endless – you can choose to create cartoon characters, cute animals, marble patterned accessories, or even food charms! This is a great way to bond with your team and create something unique and meaningful together!

5. Art Jamming

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

One of the most popular team building workshops among corporate teams, Art Jamming. It is a great way for your team to enjoy a relaxing time painting and team bonding with your colleagues. This activity helps to stimulate creativity and helps participants to take a well deserved break from their hectic work schedule.

The Fun Empire conducts unique Art Jamming workshops and offers two different options: Art Jamming on Canvas and Art Jamming on Tote Bags. For your corporate team building Singapore event, you will work together with your team members to paint on group canvases where the canvas size is larger. Just assign your colleagues into different teams, give them a theme to follow, and get them to compete to be the winning team with the best painting!

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your team’s creativity and create your own artistic master piece now!

6. Terrarium

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Want to learn more about making your own terrarium eco-system and carry one home with you? Terrarium Workshop is a fun and relaxing team building activity in which you will learn the principles of making your own terrarium as well as how to decorate it with coloured sand, stones, and cute figures.

You will get the opportunity to share your creations with your colleagues and explain why you adorned the terrarium jars in the way that you did. If you’re looking for some indoor corporate team building activities in Singapore, then Terrarium Workshop is a terrific option!

7. Leather Workshop

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Leather Crafting is one of Singapore’s most popular creative classes for both small and large groups. In The Fun Empire’s Leather Workshop, you will get to study the fundamentals of various leather varieties and qualities. Following that, you will learn how to trace and cut out your own leather parts, as well as create and combine them into beautiful leather objects which can be brought home.

Furthermore, you will be able to construct and personalise various leather things such as coin pouches, key chains, baggage tags, and other unique leather things. This activity is something you should do during your team bonding with coworkers if you’re seeking for one of the most unique team building activities in Singapore.

8. Candle Making Workshop

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make your own scented candles to use around the house? With The Fun Empire’s Candle Making Workshop, you can now manufacture your own fragrant gel candles and even decorate them with gorgeous coloured sand and lovely figurines.

In this workshop, you will learn the techniques of candle making by melting candle wax according to the correct temperature range, followed by designing, placing and chilling your own candle masterpieces.

Candle Making Workshop is one of Singapore’s newest creative workshops, and it’s quickly gaining popularity. If you’re looking for a creative workshop for your upcoming corporate team building Singapore event, this is a must-try!

9. Clay Making Workshop

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Clay Making Workshop is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore since it allows you to design any type of clay figurine you want. You may make little sculptures of foods like cheese cake or macarons, as well as popular cartoon characters like Angry Birds or Minions. The possibilities are endless!

Participants in this course will learn how to blend colours using different coloured clay based on their preferences. They will also learn rudimentary clay shaping methods and get hands-on practice making their own clay sculptures. Perfect for a team building activity in Singapore!

10. Cooking Class

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Singapore is one of the world’s food capitals, so it’s no surprise that Singaporeans adore their cuisine. If you want to learn how to cook with your coworkers, you can choose The Fun Empire’s Cooking Class as one of your corporate team building activities.

In a fun and engaging environment, participants get to work together to prepare and cook meals. The best part is that at the end of your cooking lesson, you get to eat and taste the food that you prepared with your team! If eating is something you and your colleagues enjoy, this is a terrific corporate team building exercise to try.

11. Perfume Workshop

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Have you ever wanted to design your own perfume bottle? The Fun Empire’s Perfume Workshop is one of the best and most creative team building activities in Singapore!

Perfume is a highly personal taste, and the scent someone wears can reveal a lot about them. Be prepared to enter the realm of perfume production and experiment with the various essential oil combinations – Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Woody, Oriental. Also, you can learn more about your friends and coworkers while generating one-of-a-kind smell and memories!

12. Wine Appreciation

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

See, smell and taste wine! Learn how to identify different types of wine apart while enjoying a variety of wines in this Wine Appreciation Workshop!

Wine has been around since 4100 B.C, and is one of the most costly alcoholic beverages in the world today. Made from fermented crushed grapes, wine is now available in many places.

While some people prefer wine for its distinct flavour, it also has numerous health benefits! When consumed in moderation, wine has the ability to lower cholesterol and reduce cancer risks. With this intriguing team building activity, take some time today to discover the world of wine with your colleagues, friends and family!

13. Flower Arrangement

Image Credit: The Fun Empire

Attend a Flower Arrangement Workshop to learn the exquisite art of making flower bouquets! Flower arranging not only beautifies our surroundings, but it also fosters socialisation, improves mood and happiness, and decreases stress. With this pastime, you may take a break from your daily work schedule and enjoy the tranquillity that comes with creating a flower arrangement.

In this workshop, you will collaborate with your colleagues to create appealing office centerpieces. Of course, each participant will be able to create their own floral arrangement to take home as a keepsake. So if you’re seeking for something creative and unique, consider this Flower Arrangement Workshop as your next team building game in Singapore.

14. Hand Building Pottery

Image Credit: The General Co

Indulge in the art of coiling, pinching clay to sculpt the vessel, and carve out your aspirations on your handmade mug, bowl, or plate. This Hand Building Pottery Workshop organised by The General Co is suitable for all ages including kids!

As this session requires you to get your hands dirty, it would be best done without long fingernails or your favourite outfit. Also, all tools and materials will be provided and the workshop fee includes firing and glazing done by the General Co. So if you’re looking for an interesting team building activity, this Hand Building Pottery Workshop may be an ideal choice!

15. Marquage Painting

Image Credit: The General Co

The Marquage Painting Workshop planned by The General Co is intended for all Star Wars lovers out there! This 3.5-hour session will walk you through the fundamentals of fine marquage painting.

Under the supervision of Cherin Sim, you will learn how to prep the surfaces, outline, draw, and paint on leather surfaces. And for this class, you’ll be painting a black leather bag tag.

To minimize participant contact, the class cost includes mini bottles of paints, brushes, outliners, and stencils to take home, so no sharing of materials is required. However, you can still enjoy the session with your colleagues and friends!

16. Slip Casting

Image Credit: The General Co

Looking for a fun and creative team building workshop? Try your hand at making your own sake cup (or teacup) in a basic Slip Casting Workshop brought to you by The General Co! Slip-casting, as opposed to wheel-throwing, uses moulds to produce pre-determined forms. Participants will be able to make a set of sake cups and adorn them with paint, carving, piercing, or ornaments.

This class is appropriate for kids aged 12 and older. All minors under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a paid adult. Each child will receive a pottery painting kit that contains a hexagonal plant pot (12 x 12cm) with saucer and 30ml of non-toxic ceramic color pigment that is permanent.

17. Basic Photography

Image Credit: Objectifs

People who have always wanted to learn about photography will be able to do so thanks to Objectifs’ Basic Photography program. It is one of the few workshops offered by Objectifs, in addition to film workshops, corporate workshops, community workshops, and many more.

You will be able to hone your photography talents through classroom sessions, guided shoots, and group critiques over the course of six sessions. Of course, each session is led by an experienced and professional Singapore photographer.

After the workshop, you are expected to know how to shoot in available light, be familiar with techniques of composition, and the basics of flash photography. What’s more, it’s reasonably priced despite being one of the best team building workshops in Singapore.

You may collaborate with your pals or even coworkers! All you need to bring to the Basic Photography session is your own digital camera or DSLR; Objectifs will provide everything else.

18. Buttercream Floral Cake Workshop

Image Credit: Nanatang

Have you ever wanted to learn how to decorate cakes? If so, then Nanatang’s Buttercream Floral Cake Workshop is the ideal workshop for you! This particular workshop is for those curious about baking and is suitable for corporate event as well.

In this workshop, you will be taught basic flower piping and cake decorating by Serena, the bakeshop’s head. Serena is a natural at motivating others. If you attend one of her workshops, you’ll discover that there’s more to cake than just mixing ingredients and baking them – that the art of decorating is just as vital.

The workshop’s primary learning elements include cake recipes, meringue ingredients, piping methods, preparing frosting, and many more.

19. Bath Bomb Workshop

Image Credit: Seek Sophie

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to make your own bath bombs? Bath bombs can be sold, given as a gift to family and friends, or used for personal use. Aside from being a reputable seller of soaps and skin care goods, Soap Ministry also offers a one-of-a-kind ‘do it yourself’ Bath Bomb Workshop that everyone will love. Perfect for team building activity as well!

Melt and pour soap, cold process soap, bath bombs, skin care, candles, and more – learn how to make it all in the most enjoyable way possible. Birthday parties, hen parties, private parties, corporate workshops, schools and team bonding, individuals, events, client appreciation, and more are all possible at the Soap Ministry DIY workshop.

20. Polymer Clay Jewelry Workshop

Image Credit: Tinkle Arts

Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd is a social company that organizes arts courses and events for everyone who is interested in miniature clay art. What makes Tinkle Arts Pte Ltd more special is that it employs people with special needs to co-facilitate the arts workshops!

Featuring one of the most unique and creative team building workshops in Singapore – the Polymer Clay Jewelry Workshop, you will get to learn how to make a pair of earrings using polymer clay. While waiting for your earring to get baked, you will experience the Art of Leather Craft and make your own personalised leather journal by debossing your names or initials.

21. Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Image Credit: Souldeelight

Whether or not you are experienced in calligraphy, engaging in the workshops provided by Souldeelight is most definitely an unforgettable experience! Souldeelight, which is led by Dee, a Certified Art Therapist and freelance creative artist promotes creativity by teaching others necessary art skills through her workshops. For only SGD 180, the 2-session Modern Calligraphy Workshop allows beginners to understand the intricacies of calligraphy.

If you are worried about not having enough materials, these will be provided in Dee’s classes, and attendees will be able to take them home as well. Those who have always been drawn to creative activities may consider enrolling in one of Dee’s workshops for an exciting adventure. You may also consider this as your next team building event!

22. Improvisation Workshop

Image Credit: The Improv Company

The Improv Company was created in 2013 with the purpose of making improv accessible to the Singaporean population.

As the name implies, ‘improv’ (short for ‘improvisational theatre & comedy’) is a unique theatrical form in which performers do not read from scripts. Instead, they develop their storylines in front of an audience in real time. This frequently results in amusing and engaging stories for viewers of all stripes.

Workshops with The Improv Company are mostly brief yet specialised. Their signature flagship workshop – ‘Improv for Everyone’ – is a 2-hour session that explains how improv works. Through simple yet fun exercises, you will get to practice applying improv rules and discover how improv can also be applied in daily life. The Company also offers a variety of other short-term team building workshops that dig deep into specific topics about the wondrous world of improv.

23. Metalworking Workshop

Image Credit: Klook

If you’re looking for a fun, unique team building Metalworking Workshop experience, why not try Artisan8? They have a variety of workshops for various handicrafts such as enameling, silver smithing, and glass fusing. Under their supervision, you are certain to get a holistic art experience.

Artisan8’s mission is to deliver one-of-a-kind workshops for everyone, using unusual approaches. Keeping this in mind, they also have mobile locations in various areas, making it easier for you to visit their workshops. If you’re intrigued, give it a shot– you won’t be disappointed.

24. Crochet Workshop

Image Credit: Tiny Rabbit Hole

Tiny Rabbit Hole offers Crochet Workshops for those interested in bringing their cutest characters to life. The Crocket Workshop is also a great way for your company’s employees to bond!

What sets Tiny Rabbit Hole apart from other crochet workshops is their approach in teaching. The team at Tiny Rabbit Hole believes that each participant has a unique manner of learning new crafts, which is why they take this into account while mentoring newcomers.

Tiny Rabbit Hole also offers video tutorials, crocheting kits, and even drop-in 1-on-1 classes for those who need it.

25. Sewing Workshop

Image Credit: Uyii

Sew Fun is a sewing studio that not only sells fabric but also teaches Sewing Workshops. The pace of these structured lessons varies, and each is tailored to a certain individual’s ability level. You can also work together with your friends or colleagues to create a memorable sewing experience.

If you’re searching for a creative and interesting workshop, Sew Fun’s Sewing Workshop is an ideal choice! Their professors have extensive experience in the fabric industry, so you can be confident that you will learn something from their sessions.

Creative Team Building Workshops in Singapore

Need help in planning for your next team building Singapore workshop? Having trouble choosing between the team building workshops stated above? Engage The Fun Empire today. Check them out here.

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