Party Package

Party Package
Party Package

Do you want to throw a fantastic party? Party rentals may be costly and time-consuming, but what if we told you about a less expensive option? Virtual Escape Room Games Party Packages are a great alternative for any event planner looking for something different. It's time to blow out your candles and cut the cake! With eight outstanding escape room games in one fantastic offer, you'll never forget your birthday or corporate party again!

Virtual Escape Room Singapore is a fantastic activity for your visitors to enjoy. They're appropriate for any event and come in a variety of themes, so they're ideal for pretty much any occasion! We'll go through each one so you can choose which is best for your needs.

Virtual Curse of the Werewolf

The Fun Empire's The Virtual Escape Room is a new one-of-a-kind experience in which you and your pals collaborate to solve mysteries and complete thrilling narratives at home.

The last chieftain's descendant is missing and must be found. At midnight, fulfill your obligations as the chieftain's descendants to lift the curse from your community. Strange werewolves are on the prowl in a little, old village plagued by darkness and dread at nightfall, hunting innocent civilians. Collaborate and interact to bring order back to your neighborhood!

One of Singapore's greatest birthday parties is archery!

Virtual Amazing Race

On your birthday in Singapore, you may join our Virtual Amazing Race!

Have you ever desired to visit the world's landmarks while having a good time with your pals? Virtual Amazing Race has made those daydreams a reality. There's no end to the adventure in Virtual Amazing Race, which incorporates 360° clues, activities, themes from across the planet, and more.

Virtual Big Ben's Heist

The Fun Empire is happy to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to groups who wish to organize and execute their own heist. This game is a Singapore-based birthday party based on The Money Heist fiction. It utilizes little hints from a barely sprayed blue print, making it both simple yet demanding since to increasingly intricate vaults. Make your escape before the cops snare you with your ill-gotten gains!

4) Virtual Time Travel

This is a wonderful party game for your child's birthday! You'll travel back in time according to the End Game concept. Your goal is to complete a sequence of activities during each stage using your problem-solving abilities and conversation with other players. In our variation of Time Travel, you must collect different time-period relics and crack treasure boxes in order to switch on the machine.

5) Virtual Travel Experience

Imagine a trip that will be unlike any you've ever taken! Because it features Virtual Escape Room, Virtual Amazing Race, and 360 Degree Live Clues, this trip will never get old. You'll learn more about Singapore while overcoming challenges in communication, strategy, and teamwork for victory in this game. With its complexity, this wonderful Party Package for Singapore will pique the interest of remote employees.

6) Virtual Time's Ticking

Someone has just called the city to announce their intention of blowing it up. It's time for you and your trainee detectives to come through! Time is of the utmost importance, and you've been given a short deadline to solve the most perplexing brainteasers ever! This is a genuine brain workout that will make you feel accomplished.

7) Virtual Food Quest

This is your moment to show off your foodie expertise! Virtual Food Quest is the ideal party game if you want to have a fun and lighthearted birthday celebration. Learn about various cuisines and gather ingredients for the Ultimate Ninja Dish, a one-of-a-kind way to pass the time.

8) Virtual Party Mania

With Virtual Party Mania, you'll never be bored again. This party game is ideal for your next birthday party or any other event where a little competitive spirit is required! In order to move from one stage to the next, players must successfully complete tasks, react to questions, and participate in a variety of activities as a group. The purpose of the Party Games is to provide an enjoyable atmosphere while entertaining everyone!

Party Package

Escape rooms are a fantastic way to socialize with your friends and family. They may also be an excellent way to explore other cultures through cuisine, games, or history. Virtual Escape Room Singapore provides the ideal balance of physical challenges and mental riddles.

If you're searching for a venue for your child's next birthday party package, The Fun Empire's Escape Room selection is an excellent choice, with games like Virtual Escape Room that will keep spirits high while also creating new memories!

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Party Games
Party Games

Party Games

We all know how much fun parties are for Team Building, especially if you can be with your friends and relatives in Team Building Singapore. There's always a reason to celebrate, whether it's someone's birthday, an anniversary, or just because! And what better way to commemorate the occasion than with some actual Party Games? Which ones, on the other hand, will help you win?

1) Bubble Soccer

When it comes to energy levels, children are never timid. Birthday parties, in particular, are when kids tend to go wild with their enthusiasm. Meet bubble soccer! This versatile game is ideal for your next birthday party or any other event that needs a thrilling kids birthday game on the list!

This game is enjoyable and can be played by a wide range of ages. It's loved by children since they prance around in their inflated bubble from the knees up, knocking anybody who comes in their path! This game will also appeal to older kids since it exposes a nicer side to who they are.

To make it more engaging, consider organizing bubble soccer as part of your children's party activities.

2) Laser Tag

This is the activity for your child's next birthday if they enjoy pretending to be James Bond! Originally offered as a Singapore-only theme party by The Fun Empire, children may now participate in an interactive laser gun and exciting missions with their friends. We all know how much kids adore acting out movie scenarios, so including it into their birthday bash will be a no-brainer.

Laser Tag is a thrilling game for kids or adults who are looking for an exciting way to pass the time. It allows them to roam freely in real life while pretending to be on another planet and firing laser weapons at opponents. What's great about this idea? This game concept can accommodate a larger number of people, making it ideal for gatherings!

3) Combat Archery Tag

The Combat Archery Tag is a simple and entertaining game that youngsters will pick up fast, but it may also serve as a wonderful present for your child's birthday party. Our Combat Archery Tag is one of the greatest kids' indoor party games on the market today, with sci-fi decorations to create a distinctive ambiance for you and your guests.

Guests will be thrilled to participate in this medieval-style archery game, which features capture targets and requires them to sprint around attempting to hit each other with bows and arrows! It's ideal for a children's birthday party or event since it can accommodate larger groups while still providing a lot of entertainment.

4) Ninja Tag

Prepare to see your children perform their best moves! This ninja birthday party package is ideal for kids who enjoy combat, fighting, and maybe kungfu. For some safe fun, this game sticks to its roots and does not contain any bloody components. The Ninja Tag is one of the most enjoyable and hilarious party games for both kids and adults.

5) Saber Tag

This is the ideal party for fans of the Force! Our Star Wars-themed event will keep you on your toes with a round of combat. You'll come fully equipped with clothing and equipment to participate in mock fights, allowing you to relive your childhood memories. For an unforgettable experience that you won't have to worry about a thing!

Party Games

Party games are a fantastic way to get your guests involved in the event and create lifelong memories as well as Team Building. Whether you're throwing a sleepover or just getting together with friends on a regular night, these Party Games For Birthdays are sure to keep everyone entertained!

If you have any questions about which party game would work best for your needs or want help finding an activity that accommodates larger groups without being too loud, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We offer a variety of services designed with kids birthday parties in mind including Combat Archery Tag, Laser Tag, Ninja Tag and Team Building Singapore. Our team is ready at anytime day or night to help plan out this unique celebration from start to finish just how you envision it!

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A party game is an activity at a social gathering or within the framework of a casual environment that provides mental entertainment and, often, physical relief for participants. Choose one of these Party Games For Birthdays to keep yourguests involved!

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