5 Simple Tips To Maintain Leather Goods In Leather Workshops Singapore

February 28, 2022
Fun Workshops Singapore

Leather Workshops Singapore

Leather Workshop Singapore

Leather workshops Singapore has increasingly become one of the most popular ways to spend free time and tighten the bond with friends, colleagues, or family. Coming back from leather crafting workshops, participants can bring home the one-and-only leather goods made by themselves. Due to the goods’ uniqueness and emotional attachment, it is important to maintain them in good quality. Here are a few simple tips to use and store your leather goods that were made in leather workshops.

1. Cleaning leather

The basic way to keep your leather items clean is to use a clean, damp cloth and wipe over the surface once a week. Do avoid all detergents that leave residue or oily substances. Such materials create conditions for bacteria to develop, causing dull skin or fragile stitches that diminish the aesthetics of leather goods.

2. Softening leather

The oily substance in hair conditioner helps lubricate and soften the skin, creating a more comfortable feeling during use. For this step, do not use products that contain petroleum or mineral oil as they will damage the leather in the long run. You should soften the leather if your item frequently gets exposed to sunlight and moisture.

3. Polishing leather

Be careful when choosing the polishing products, especially with the polishes that contain colorants – a harmful substance that damages the natural leather skin color. Some products can also clog skin pores, causing permanent damage.

4. Using leather goods

DO NOT leave the leather item in the sun for a long time, or else the skin color will quickly fade. DO NOT expose the product to sources of heat since they make the skin dry and brittle. The same caution is applied to moisture environments with water, sweat, and other liquids.

5. Fix leather goods

For leather goods that got wet in the rain, use a soft cotton cloth to absorb water and dry the product in the shade. Avoid using direct heat sources such as dryers, high-pressure lamps, direct sunlight, etc. If leather goods appear moldy, use a soft cloth to wipe the mold off and store the item in a cooler place.

Leather Workshops Singapore

These days, more and more people enjoy leather workshops as it is an ideal bonding occasion with friends, family, and colleagues. We hope these tips can help you maintain the leather goods made in the leather crafting workshop for longer. If you haven’t had a leather good made by yourself, join us in one of the most fantastic leather workshops Singapore experience!

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